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About us

We are passionated about beach and summer products and enjoyed every minute of our journey for the last 10 years. We are happy to tell you some more about us. 

Dear Beach Lover,

Yes we’re feeling the same. That moment you’re entering the beach, the smell of salty air and the ultimate feeling of freedom is what motivates us each and every day to create the best possible products to give beach lover like us a never forgettable beach experience. 

What started with snorkeling gear was growing to a amazing product portfolio that covers everything you need to create unique summer and beach moments. 

We really have no idea who sent you here but they should be given an award. Or a box full of amazing beach equipment… 😀

Anyway. Your arrival is long overdue, but let’s not beat around the bush. You’re on this website, reading this pretty little words because you’re hungry to launch the best beach collection ever and not to hear the story of our life, right? 

But here’s the short version… 

We’ve started with supplying snorkeling gear 10 years ago with nothing but a vision. A vison to create the best possible product portfolio that matches to our favourite places around the world – the beaches. 

After traveling all around the world, visiting manufactures and wholesalers we finally managed to get the quality that we were looking for. And now we’re proud to say that we’re able to give our customers everything that they need to sit on the beach and enjoy the magic moments that we all love about the beach lifestyle. 

Alright, enough about us. We wanna know something more about you. 


About our Brand - Deepsy

Deepsy is based on the love of summer, sun and the relaxed experience that we all know from being at the beach. The idea of our brand  was to close the gap between the low quality cheap beach equipment hat is only made to stay at least for some days or weeks until the customers finished their beach experiences, and the high priced professional gear that is only targeted to those wo are looking for a different kind of beach experience. But what’s between? Well, Deepsy is between. Our brand has a good quality for a fair price tag and we are able to fit your personal requirements to match our products to your brand. 

Our Benefits

Create your complete beach gear collection together with our proven experts from Deepsy and serve your clients with everything they need to have the ultimate beach experience. Our mission is it to expand our brand, to create a strong name in the industry that shares our values of trust, support and creativity. 

We Provide

Great prices

Verity of products that fit the beach

Manufacture cooperation around the world

Organized payment options

Branded collections

Well designed packaging and items

Branded display option on your wishes

10 years of experience

We're ready to do great things together.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy and professional direct supplier of good quality beach gear for a fair price. Or if you’re looking for a strong partner to uplift your brand with amazing products then leave us a message and we will jump on a call with you to discuss more details.